Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Dating Safety Advice

Remember when I thought I was going to update this blog every day? God, I'm hilarious aren't I?

I'm also weirdo with trust issues but I still feel like I've come up with a sound piece of advice so hear me out.

Imagine the person you're with invites you over to their house or apartment. How sure are you that they aren't going to murder you?
Do you need a moment? I guess you didn't expect me to ask that. But really think about it. I'm not asking whether you think the person you're with is a sociopath or a serial killer with an elaborate torture dungeon. You've been watching too much TV. I mean, how much do you really trust this person and how much do you really know them? In all likelihood, your work friend Sarah and John, the guy you met on that online dating site, are probably not going to murder you. Probably. But if there is any doubt in your mind, don't put yourself in a possibly dangerous situation and trust your safety to another person who might not have your best interests at heart. I realize this sounds overly cautious, but I think it's a valid argument. And if you aren't sure they won't murder you, definitely don't sleep with one of them. Especially Sarah, because then things could be really awkward at work when you mention wondering whether she had a torture dungeon. But really, if you aren't at least convinced that they won't murder you once they've got you alone on their home turf where they've got all the advantages, then you aren't ready to sleep with them and you should probably put in a little more effort to get to know them.

The same goes if you imagine inviting Sarah or John over to your house. 
Except now this possible murderer knows where you live. Great.

Stay safe, kids. You're not replaceable.

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