Friday, February 21, 2014

In My Own Little Corner

I am very frustrated by my lack of social media capital right now. Sometimes I'm quite happy to exist in my own little corner of the internet. I exist in different spaces without being tied to any one community. I don't really draw enough attention to have to filter out negative comments. And that suits me just fine. But sometimes it's frustrating. Like when you put in a ton of effort to write and select photos for a post and no one reads it. Or when you need people to go look at this thing so you'll be invited back and you can't harness the social media capital and networks you've been building up because it doesn't work that way. I'm not a youtuber or blogger with an army of minions. I can't use my dispersed network of contacts in the way that they can. And so while I am content with my anonymity and lack of entanglements most of the time, yes, sometimes it has obvious drawbacks. 

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