Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not Interested

So this post is just going to be a bit of rant to burn off some frustration. Why am I feeling frustrated? Well, I realize that there's no way this is ever going to be resolved to my satisfaction but I really wish companies would stop trying to sell me things that I'm simply not interested in. Yeah, I know most people hate ads when they aren't being aired during the Superbowl. But I'm not necessarily opposed to ads. I get that advertising is an important factor in companies getting you to buy things. I'm fine with having an ad in front of the youtube videos I watch (unless the video is under 5 minutes long but that's another matter) or ads during the shows I watch (as long as they aren't excessive) or ads along the side of the websites I'm browsing reminding me of that necklace I was looking at on etsy a few days ago.

My issue is that the majority of the ads I see are for things that do not interest me and that I would never consider buying and I feel like they are polluting my brain. There is something the character of Sherlock on Elementary (for the few episodes I tried to convince myself that I could watch Elementary) said that has stuck with me. Whether or not it's actually true, I feel like my brain is a sponge and that sponge can only hold so much information. These ads which are often thrown at me repeatedly throughout the day are clutter, extra water soaking into that sponge that doesn't need to be there. Sure go ahead and try to sell me yogurt even if I haven't eaten yogurt in years. Give it your best shot and try and sell me on a kindle even though I'm one of those grumpy antiquities who loves the smell and feel of good, old-fashioned books. Track the sites I'm going to and remind me of the play I want to go see or the skirt I was thinking of buying. I can deal with those ads.

What annoys me to no end is the ads that are not at all relevant to my life. I don't even have a driver's license. Why would I need auto insurance? I have an alcohol intolerance and there's no way you can flavor, color, or otherwise dress up your brand to change that. Stop trying to sell me medication for erectile dysfunction when I clearly don't... you get the picture. Now I realize it's quite self-centered to want ads tailored to my life and my interests. Though I do partially blame companies like hulu that claim to be tailoring ads to your preferences. It isn't so much that I want them to be selling things to me. I'd be happier to not see any ads at all. But I wish the ads that had nothing to do with my life or interests were a little less pervasive and relentless. At the point where I've memorized every beat of your commercial and slogan even though I have no intention of ever, EVER buying your product, I feel like we both need to reevaluate how we're spending our time. Why are you spending money on advertisements that are reaching the wrong audience and why am I going places where I keep encountering these terrible ads? It makes me want to turn from tolerating these ads to living in an ad free bubble of Netflix and selective internet use which really isn't the kind of feeling you want to inspire in consumers especially since these companies are often part of larger corporations. 

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