Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Recap?

This is not so much a recap as whatever thoughts I can remember after however many hours of watching the E! red carpet coverage followed by the ceremony. I could have written a real recap but that would have required taking notes and as you know, no one is paying me for this.

Best Dressed: I think I've been following the coverage of these red carpets and runways for too many years because so many of the dresses felt familiar. It was either the same dress with a new addition, the same dress in a different color, or a dress with similar elements to another dress. It's gotten to the point where canary yellow no longer feels special.

Zooey Deschanel: I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it. It was so refreshing to see an outfit that felt new and interesting. Yes, there's usually a light pink/gold gown with a bit of sparkle that feels youthful and feminine but I think this look still managed to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. I don't love the crop top with her figure and the full skirt and I'm not sold on the length of the skirt but otherwise, I loved this outfit. I'm a sucker for embellishment and this dress was a dream up close.
Kaley Cuoco: It took me a few moments to decide whether I really liked this gown. The shape was gorgeous... the fabric debatable. But eventually I got into it. I loved that she took a chance on an unconventional dark floral. I think it might be polarizing like the blue floral dress Lucy Liu wore to an awards show last year but I loved it.
Mila Kunis: She chose her color palette and ran with it. It was a lesson in how to do monochromatic right. It doesn't even require a description. Perfection.
Elisabeth Moss: Although it was a "wow" dress it did feel a bit like dresses we've seen in the past. Usually an older actress will wear an embellished dress like this when she's just attending or going as one of the presenters. Still, it was a bold choice to go dark like this and I think it ended up being one of the better winner's outfits. For some reason, actresses will wear fantastic dresses when they lose or they're just attending the ceremony and end up in a terrible dress when they actually win.
Juliana Margulies: I usually hate whatever Juliana Margulies has chosen to wear but this year I thought she made a solid choice. I never got a great look at this dress but I think the gold print was meant to be coral or branches. The fit was perfect.
Tatiana Maslany: 1920's Grecian gunmetal gown.
Zosia Mamet: I loved the print on her dress. Not sure about the placement but it was visually interesting. She can be hit or miss but I appreciate that she takes chances.
Drew Barrymore: Her dress just made me so happy.

I thought Tina and Amy did alright as hosts this year. I'm never really scandalized by any of the jokes so I can't say if any of them were all that racy. The opening monologue felt like a Weekend Update segment. Some of the jokes were great and some were just alright. The George Clooney and Matt Damon jokes stand out.

Nothing all that interesting happened during the ceremony. I never try to predict the winners because the HFPA are crazy. The speeches were boring as always. It took forever for people to get up to the stage. They need to hire a better event coordinator next time. The presenters' banter was just as dull, though that bit with Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Fallon was particularly bad.

Tina and Amy seemed to disappear for much of the ceremony only to return with what felt like a bad SNL skit with the Mr. Golden Globes thing.

The tribute to Woody Allen felt odd. I was sure he wouldn't show up. And he didn't. And Diane Keaton's praise of his female characters felt off for a lot of reasons. For me, what stood out was the lack of diversity in the female characters he's chosen to portray.

Frozen lost for Best Song to U2 which was just... awful. They obviously then won for Best Animated Film with The Wind Rises pushed to the Foreign Film category. It felt like an odd decision to move The Wind Rises to Foreign Film only to have it lose to the film from Italy. It was a bit of a Beauty and the Beast situation. Animation doesn't get a lot of respect in Hollywood, but allowing them to play in the big leagues but then not giving them an award seems like the wrong approach to making the animation industry feel like you respect their work.

There are a lot of films that have gotten buzz this year, 12 Years A Slave, Her, American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, Fruitvale Station, The Butler, etc. but it was strange that 12 Years A Slave only took best picture while American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club got most of the recognition during the night. The Golden Globes are unpredictable though so it'll be interesting to see what happens during the Oscars.

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