Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Dust is a horrifying and disturbing thing for many reasons. I think it's made up of dead skin cells and crushed insect legs but that could very well be a lie.

Anyway, it's not important as that isn't the main reason why I hate dust. The main reason why I hate dust is because I hate cleaning. I am not someone who cleans on a regular basis or who is good at just generally keeping things tidy.

One day I will simply realize that I can't find anything in my closet and in my frustration I will dump all of my clothes onto my bed and slowly reorganize my closet. Or maybe I'll see that the cardboard boxes I'm using to store my things have started to overflow with all the junk I've accumulated or simply begin to fall apart or collect weird oils and I will be forced to get new boxes and reorganize the things that used to be stored in the old boxes. Oddly enough, I am actually pretty good at these tasks. I just hate doing them. But enough about that. Back to the reason I hate dust.

Dust is this evil thing that gathers on objects without warning. I have no idea where it comes from and I can't be bothered to look it up even though I'm writing this on my blog and thus I obviously have access to the internet. Because it accumulates without warning, one day I will simply be looking up at my ceiling fan or looking over at my neatly organized nail polish collection and realize that the object I am looking at is covered in a layer of dust. And sometimes there is a quick fix. I can wipe down the ceiling fan with a wet cloth or dust my bookshelf. But sometimes dust accumulates on my nail polish collection or my makeup brushes and it is both horrifying and frustrating because it's quite disgusting and I have no idea how to get it off without cleaning each bottle of nail polish or makeup brush and then reorganizing everything which takes up time I could be spending doing a lot of other things that don't involve removing dust from objects that should really not be collecting dust while every second that passes I creep closer and closer to death. Which reminds me... seeing dust on the things in my room makes me feel like I've become this Miss Havisham-like creature of decay. And momentarily convinces me that I'm a hoarder. And then I get this horrible feeling that things are crawling over me and I end up cleaning or taking a shower.

If you're wondering why I just wrote this rambling, nonsensical piece on dust, you should remind yourself that you just read this rambling, nonsensical piece on dust and also that no one is paying me for this

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