Saturday, January 11, 2014


So... candles. Yeah, clearly I couldn't think of a topic for today but I'm recommitting to the blogging every day thing so here we go. Candles. When did we all collectively decide that candles were cool again? Strike that. Were candles ever cool to begin with? When did we decide that candles were cool? As I'm typing this I'm surrounded by nine candles. These nine candles are not even my entire candle collection. I have a few more in my room. Now, I don't have all these candles because I'm some kind of candle fanatic but because I have problems with impulse purchases. Some are from Bath and Body Works, some are from Tocca, and some are from Nest.

I think they smell lovely but I've only ever burned two of them and that was because there was a blackout after Hurricane Sandy and we had no light in downtown New York City. Which is when I learned that these Bath and Bath Works candles really don't generate much light. Where in the hell I am going with this? I don't know.

I feel like I should start wrapping up this bit of nonsense because you're probably tired of reading me ramble on about candles. I can't really think of anything insightful to say to make it seem like I had a point when I started this post. So... bye!

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